Sessional Lecturer - Unit 3

If you wish to apply to Sessional Lecturer postings at the UTM Department of Anthropology, please follow these 3 steps:

1. View the postings at the University of Toronto Careers website.

Click on the course below to go directly to the job description:

a) ANT200H5F - Introduction to the Practice of Archaeology - 1801976

b) ANT337H5F - Anthropology of Growth and Development - 1801977

c) ANT362H5S – Language in Culture and Society - 1801979

d) ANT460H5F - Theory in Sociocultural Anthropology - 1801982

2. Submit the UTM Department of Anthropology Sessional Lecturer Online Application form

3. Email your CV to the UTM Anthropology Undergraduate Administrator / Chair's Assistant at