The Department of Anthropology at UTM is pleased to announce that it will offer two 400 level undergraduate courses to be taught on a stipend basis by currently enrolled doctoral students.  The courses will be offered as H units (12 weeks, two hours per week) for the Fall 2012 session.  Courses will be taught under the rubric of "Special Problems in Biological Anthropology or Archaeology" and "Special Problems in Sociocultural or Linguistic Anthropology".

Students are invited to propose topics within their own areas of expertise; the proposals will be adjudicated on a competitive basis on the basis of academic promise and appropriateness to the UTM undergraduate curriculum.

Applicants should be an upper level doctoral student with an ABD status (all course work and qualifying exams completed).  The topics may be related to the applicant's dissertation topic, but this is not obligatory.  In choosing among proposals, the Department will evaluate how well they address the skills, curiosity and curricular needs of UTM students - in particular of third and forth year students who are completing Specialist or Major programs.

Applicants should provide a course outline of the course they would like to teach, as well as an up-to-date curriculum vitea and the name(s) of one or more referees who can comment on their work and teaching potential.  Applications should be submitted electronically to Maria da Mota .

Deadline for applications is June 30th, 2012; the results of the competition will be announced shortly after the closing date.