Full Time Faculty

Francis P. Cody, Associate Professor
BA, MA, PhD (2007, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)
Linguistic anthropology, social theory, postcolonial state formation,
literacy, social activism, media studies, Tamilnadu and the wider
South Asian world
Room 358 HSC
(905) 569-4295

Gary W.Crawford, F.R.S.C., Professor
BSc, MA, PhD (1979, Univesity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Archaeology; East Asia & Eastern North America; paleoethnobotany
Room 356 HSC
(905) 828-3783

Tracey Galloway, Assistant Professor
BA, MA, PhD (2008, McMaster University)
Indigenous health, circumpolar populations, nutrition transition, food security, chronic disease, child growth, public health policy
Room 354 HSC
(905) 828-5469

Sarah M. Hillewaert, Assistant Professor
BA, MA, PhD (2013, University of Michigan)
Linguistic responses to globalization and urbanization, language and youth culture, language ideologies and semiotic ideologies, language and religion; Kenya, Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean World.
Room 362 HSC
(905) 569-4888

Heather M.-L. Miller, Associate Professor & Chair
BA, MSc, MA, PhD (1999, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Archaeology; South Asia; prehistoric & historic complex societies,
ancient technology, material culture, social organization,
regional inter-connections, and agriculture
Room 302 HSC
(905) 828-3741

Andrea Muehlebach, Associate Professor
BA, MA, PhD (2007, University of Chicago)
Socio-cultural anthropology; anthropology of the state
and citizenship; ethics and personhood; neoliberalism; labor,
value, and affect; welfare; European public culture; Italy.
Room 392 HSC
(905) 569-4851

Esteban Parra, Professor
BSc, MSc, PhD (1993, University of Santiago de Compostela)
Biological & Molecular Anthropology; human evolution;
epidemiology; genetic variation within
and between human populations
Room 352 HSC
(905) 828-3889

Tracy L. Rogers, Associate Professor 
BA, MA, PhD (2000, Simon Fraser University)
Physical & Forensic Anthropology; crime scene investigation;
human osteology
Room 402 HSC
(905) 828-5449

Todd Sanders, Associate Professor
BA, MA, MSc, PhD (1997, London School of Economics & Political Science)
Social Anthropology; East and Southern Africa; anthropological
and social theory; witchcraft and neoliberalism; gender,
ritual and religion; "development" and conspiracy theory.
Room 390 HSC
(905) 828-3778

Stephen Scharper, Associate Professor
BA, MA, PhD (McGill University)
Religion, ethics, environment, religion and social movements,
biotechnology, human rights, liberation thought, religion and
Room 358 HSC
(905) 569-4295

Jack Sidnell, Professor
BA, MA, PhD (1998, University of Toronto)
Linguistic Anthropology; Caribbean; Pidgins and Creoles;
African American English; conversation analysis; sociolinguistics;
vernacular poetics
Room 360 HSC
(905) 828-3776

David G. Smith, Associate Professor
BA, MA, PhD (1987, McGill University)
Archaeology; Eastern North America & Caribbean;
ceramics; forensic archaeology
Room 348 HSC
(905) 828-3784

Liye Xie, Assistant Professor
BA, MA, PhD (2014,  University of Arizona)
East Asian Archaeology:Experimental archaeology, use-wear analysis, technological chances, groundstone tools, bone tools, prehistoric land-use strategies, agriculture, sedentary settlement, decision-making strategies, and perception.
Room 346 HSC
(905) 828-3782

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