Courses Outside the Classroom

UTM Anthropology undergraduate students have the opportunity to experience learning in a wide array of settings outside of traditional classroom spaces.  The following courses include such components:

UTM Anthropology Field Schools

ANT306H5F Forensic Anthropology Field School

Introduction to the field of forensic anthropological field techniques and crime scene interpretation. A two-week field school will be held on the U of T Mississauga campus (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., two weeks in August). Weekly two-hour classes will be held during the fall term. In these classes, students will examine casts, maps, photos and other evidence collected in the field, for the purposes of scene reconstruction and presentation in court. You must apply in advance and have departmental approval to take this course. View application information.

ANT318H5F Archaeological Fieldwork

Practical experience on an archaeological site during the last two weeks of August, followed by weekly laboratory sessions in September to December.  You must apply in advance and have departmental approval to take this course.  View application information.


Other UTM Opportunities

UTM offers the following programs which may be of interest to those seeking learning experiences outside the classroom:

UTM Abroad Program

Professor Sarah Hillewaert of UTM Anthropology participated in a February 2017 reading week trip during which students learned about Women’s Leadership and Gender Rights in Ghana as part of the UTM Abroad Program.  Participation in this trip counts toward the Co-Curricular Record.

The UTM Abroad Program provides students with the opportunity to participate in short-term experiential learning opportunities abroad during term breaks.  Visit the UTM Abroad website for more information.

UTM Research Opportunity Program

The Research Opportunity Program (ROP) gives students from second to fourth year a chance to participate in the research of a faculty member while earning course credit.  Visit the UTM Research Opportunity Program website for more information and application deadline dates.