Complete List of Courses and Descriptions

Complete list of Anthropology courses (via UTM Academic Calendar)

Anthropology course descriptions (via UTM Academic Calendar)

Recommended Courses by Field of Interest

Enrolled in an Anthropology Specialist or Major program? Overwhelmed by the possible course choices? See our guide to recommended courses by field of interest and planned career streams.

Courses Outside the Classroom

Discover courses outside the classroom including UTM field schools.

Special Topic Courses

Special topic courses at the 400-level are offered with a new focus each year. Descriptions for these courses are posted on our website.

New: Focus in the Anthropology of Health (beginning in Fall 2016)

Visit our Anthropology of Health page for more information on this exciting new focus which emphasizes the effects of cultural and socioeconomic processes on biological and health outcomes in human populations. Open to all students who have the required prerequisites, whether from an Arts or a Science background.