Test/Exam Confirmation Policy

REMINDER:  The test/exam confirmation policy is in effect.  If you have any questions contact the Centre at access.utm@utoronto.ca or 905-569-4699.   

To write tests/exams with the Centre students registered with the AccessAbility Resource Centre must confirm each test/exam they have previously registered with the Centre using the following procedures:

1)  14 days before their test/exam date, a reminder email message will be sent to your @utoronto.ca account from the AccessAbility Resource Centre reminding the you to confirm your upcoming test/exam using AIMS.  The email message will have a link that will take you directly to the AIMS login page.  
2)  10 days before your test/exam, a final reminder email message will be sent to your @utoronto.ca account to confirm your test/exam on AIMS.  At 11:59pm on the tenth day the confirmation link will be closed and you will be removed from the test/exam schedule and you will be required to write your test/exam with your class.

Please note that once you confirm, you will not receive additional confirmation reminder emails for that specific test/exam.

3)  2 days prior to your test/exam,you are responsible for logging into AIMS to find out the start time of your test and room location.

If you experience difficulty logging into AIMS or finding the information you require it is your responsibility to immediately contact the Centre at 905-569-4699 or access.utm@utoronto.ca

It is ALWAYS your responsibility to take the initiative and make reasonable requests in a timely manner that you feel could make the university experience a more positive one.  Please remember that the AccessAbility Resource Centre operates in a very deadline-driven environment. It is crucial that you register with the Centre, complete all necessary forms, and confirm for tests and exams in a timely manner. If you miss a deadline for any of these, we cannot guarantee that you will be accommodated. You can meet with your AccessAbility Advisor and/or the Examination Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.