Registering Courses for Accommodations

AccessAbility Information Management for Students (AIMS)

During the first week of classes please log in to the AccessAbility Information Management System (AIMS).  The link to AIMS is located on the Centre's homepage.  
Here you will:  

  • Register your tests and exams that you need to write with AccessAbility Services with academic accommodations 
  • Confirm your upcoming tests and exams 
  • Register for note-taking services and download your notes on AIMS

If you do not log in and register your tests/note-taking requests there will be a delay in you receiving services.  

If you require assistance in logging into and using AIMS, please contact the office immediately at or 905-569-4699.


The test/exam confirmation policy is in effect.  Please review the policy and if you have any questions contact the office at 905-569-4699

It is ALWAYS your responsibility to take the initiative and make reasonable requests in a timely manner that you feel could make the university experience a more positive one. Please remember that AccessAbility Services operates in a very deadline-driven environment. It is crucial that you register with the office, complete all necessary forms, and confirm for tests and exams in a timely manner. If you miss a deadline for any of these, we cannot guarantee that you will be accommodated. You can meet with your AccessAbility Advisor and/or the Examination Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.