From the Producer ...

Welcome to Theatre Erindale's fourth season. And welcome back to our many returning audience members. You helped make last season our most successful yet, and we're delighted that you're joining us for this season's varied, entertaining and sometimes challenging plays.

The support you give us--as a single ticket buyer, as a subscriber, or as a Patron--is tremendously important to us. As audience members, you make an essential contribution to the growth of our student actors, who benefit from your engaged and enthusiastic responses. If you are a Patron, your tax-deductible donation to Theatre Erindale goes directly to our Scholarship and Development Fund to benefit our students. And, just as importantly, your support is helping Theatre Erindale contribute to the cultural life of Mississauga.

We hope you enjoy the season of plays we've chosen for you. We think you'll agree that for Theatre Erindale "The Sky's the Limit!"

Nancy Copeland

From the Artistic Director ...

Welcome to the second production of the 1996/97 Theatre Erindale Season! Our aim is to provide reasonably priced live theatre that's challenging, entertaining, and different from anything else west of Toronto. Whether you're a Member, a Patron, or a single ticket buyer, we're delighted to have you with us and hope to see you often in the future.

Sarah Daniels, noted author of tonight's play, has been closely associated with the English Stage Company at the famous Royal Court Theatre in London. She was Writer in Residence in 1984, and the company premiered her plays Ripen Our Darkness, The Devil's Gateway, Byrthrite, and Beside Herself. She has also written Masterpieces for the Manchester Royal Exchange, Head-Rot Holiday for the Battersea Arts Centre, and Neaptide for the National Theatre. The Gut Girls was first performed at the Albany Empire in London in 1988, and since then has had numerous productions around the world.

With this performance of The Gut Girls we welcome back special guest Katherine Kaszas, whose fascinating production of Lion in the Streets graced our stage two years ago. This is the first of three shows this season to be costumed by visiting expert Joanne Massingham, and we also welcome back Daniel Levinson, whose fight direction has become indispensible. Onstage you will see the current graduating class of our joint Sheridan College/Erindale College Theatre and Drama Studies Program.

The New Year will bring Morris Panych's hilarious absurdist hit from Vancouver, 7 Stories. Then the mainstage season ends with a rare and very challenging presentation: under the title Mycenae, no less than three Greek tragedies -- in the condensed contemporary versions adapted by John Barton for the Royal Shakespeare Company -- will be directed by special guest Simon Johnston. As always, however, there will be more surprises in store even after that -- from our Independent Student Productions (TBA!). Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

We're glad you've joined us for this performance. And we hope you find it a stimulating evening in the theatre!

Patrick Young

From the Director ...

The price a society pays for progress in the name of capitalism, for cut-backs in the name of sound fiscal management or for massive lay-offs in the name of corporate productivity - these are the questions examined by the clever and committed political mind of playwright Sarah Daniels. She tallies the total price in human costs with a clear conclusion and a timely message.

"... we got a right, and a responsibility to speak out."

(Ellen, The Gut Girls)

Katherine Kaszas

Patrons of Theatre Erindale

Roger and Janet Beck, Allan Jones, Jennifer McNally,
Robert McNutt, Gordon E. Murphy, Catherine Rubincam,
Dagmar Schoenrank, Leslie Thomson,
Alison Vallance, Margaret Young, Patrick Young

The Gut Girls

Written by Sarah Daniels

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

Directed by Katherine Kaszas

Set by James W. Smagata and Katherine Kaszas

Wardrobe by Joanne Massingham

Lighting Design by James W. Smagata

Fight Direction by Daniel Levinson

Stage Manager - Amy Willshaw

Assistant Stage Manager - Tracy Geobey

Fight Captain - Philip Sullivan

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

Allison Hahnfeld - Maggie

Rebecca Wood - Kate

Alicia Land - Ellen/Nora

Lisa Jean - Polly

Philip Sullivan - Harry

Lori Dixon - Annie

Christopher McNally - Jim

Elizabeth Dalgleish - Lady Helena

Aurangzaib Shaikh - Edwin Tartaden

Jennifer Forrester - Emily/Edna/Eady

Mike Unrau - Arthur Cuttle-Smythe

Greg Thomas - Len/Madjacko

Jenny Brubacher - Priscilla Cuttle-Smythe

The play takes place in England at the turn of the century.

There will be one fifteen-minute intermission

For legal and/or safety reasons all cameras, recorders and paging devices must be checked with the House Manager.

In consideration for the audience and company, latecomers are not admitted until a suitable break in the performance.


For The Gut Girls:

Technical Director/Scenic Painter: Sarah Cudmore

Lighting Technician: Yvette Foster

Audio Technician: Jason Murduck

Program: Margot Thomas

Poster Art: Sonia

Set and Lights: Kory Bertrand (Crew Chief), Janet Caruana, Cameron Johnston, Stacy Kilrea, Daniel Renaud, Tracy Schillemore

Wardrobe: Gena Restivo (Crew Chief), Melissa Boehner, Mackenzie Lush, Jonathon Shea, Nicola Treadgold

Properties: Julie Pinto (Crew Chief), Alisa Brooks, Diane Cunningham, Trish Elsie, Nancy Na, Karen Parker, Will Pialagitis, Tanya Smith, Angela Vander Veen, Katie Van Exan, Becky Wing

Pigs and Meat: Anne Gurney Displays (Edmonton), Charmaine Peters, Nina Oakins

Organs: Heather Kent (Theatre Sheridan Head), Glen Crockford, Patrick Haworth, Greg Newton, John Sabourin

Front of House: Karen Parker (Crew Chief), Daniel Krolik, Naomi McNeill, Mandy Resendes, John Terranova, Sarah Wood

Running Crew: Paula Gonsalves (Crew Chief), Jenna Leblanc, David Yee

For Theatre Erindale:

Producer: Nancy Copeland
Artistic Director: Patrick Young
Production Manager, Technical Director: James W. Smagata
Business Manager: Clara Stewart
Public Relations: Maryann Wells
Office Staff: Margot Thomas
Production Assistants: Terry Costa (Box Office), Norbert Kliszczewski
Co-Op Students: Sarah Abusarar, Zenon Dolyckyj

The Cast

JENNIFER BRUBACHER 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Elmira, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Six War Years- Ensemble; The Scams of Scapin - Front of House Crew Head; Lion in the Streets - Props Crew Head; Pericles, Prince of Tyre - Props Crew; The Farm Show - Front of House Crew.
For Other Companies: The Ecstasy of Rita Joe - Rita, Anne of Green Gables - Josie Pye, Genesis - Eve/Ensemble, Pollyanna - Pollyanna (Elmira Youth Players).
Ambition: To have smile lines around my eyes when I'm 86.
Favourite Saying: "Women should be tough, tender, laugh as much as possible, and live long lives." - Maya Angelou

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Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - Des Neiges; Six War Years - ensemble; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Wardrobe Crew Chief; Scapin - Front of House Crew; Pericles - Wardrobe Crew; The Farm Show - Props Crew.
For Other Companies: Jesus Christ Superstar - Tormentor (Playhouse '82); The Pirates of Penzance - The Good Looking Twin (Toronto Gilbert & Sullivan Society); The Boyfriend - Faye (Meadowvale Music Theatre); Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii - Vivien (Meadowvale S.S.)
Ambition: To climb Mount Everest.
Favourite Saying: "I don't want to make money I just want to be wonderful." Marilyn Monroe.

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Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - Angeline Sauve; Six War Years - ensemble; The Farm Show - Front of House; Pericles - Props Crew; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Set and Lights Crew; The Relapse - Props Crew Chief; 'Dentity Crisis - Jane (I.S.P.).
For Other Companies: A Midsummer Night's Dream - Hermia (Streetsville Secondary); Twelfth Night - Viola (Erindale Drama Club); Impromptu - Lora (Theatre Showcase Brampton).
Ambition: To become a vegetarian.
Favourite Saying: "You're on earth. There's no cure for that." Samuel Beckett

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Home Town: Niagara Falls, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - Réauna; Six War Years - ensemble; Scapin - Props Crew Head; Lion in the Streets - Front of House Crew; Pericles - Costume Crew; The Farm Show - Props Crew.
For Other Companies: ... and Stuff - Director, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead - Guildenstern, Not Enough Rope - Mrs. Pearce (Niagara District S. S.); Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean - Sissy (then) (Firehall Theatre).
Ambition: To wander off into the woods and never find my way back.
Favourite Saying: "Mom's coming 'round to put it back the way it ought to be."

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Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - Ginette; Six War Years - ensemble; Scapin - Props Crew; Lion in the Streets - Front of House Crew Chief; Pericles; & The Farm Show - Front of House Crew.
For Other Companies: Come and See His Glory - vocalist, Handel's Messiah - ensemble (Musical Miracles); Genesis - Asst. Director, Brigadoon - chorus (Holy Name of Mary Drama Club);
Ambition: "Never go to bed mad... stay up and fight." Phyllis Diller
Favourite Saying: "Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life." Sandra Carey

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Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - Germaine; Six War Years - ensemble; The Relapse - Set and Lights Crew Chief; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Running Crew/Costumes; Pericles - Front of House; The Farm Show - Set and Lights; Junior Projects 1995 - Stage Manager.
For Other Companies: The Night of January 16th - District Attorney Flint (Erindale Drama Club); Anne of Green Gables - Marilla, Liars - Mother; (Erindale S. S.).
Ambition: To recognize the point at which I begin to make an arse of myself.
Favourite Saying: "Did I just make an arse of myself?"

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Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - Thèrése Dubuc; Six War Years - ensemble; The Farm Show - Wardrobe; Pericles - Front of House and Box Office; Lion in the Streets - Props; Scapin - Wardrobe Crew Chief; 'Dentity Crisis - Woman (ISP).
For Other Companies: Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her - Jennifer (Caprius Dinner Theatre); Night of January 16th - Nancy Lee Faulkner (Erindale Drama Club); A Mad Breakfast - Mrs. Simpkins (Mississauga Youth Theatre); The Proposal - Natalyia Stepanova (Cawthra Park S. S.); various Sears Festival plays and showcases - Playwright, Actor.
Ambition: To play Lady Macbeth, brilliantly, as often as possible.
Favourite Saying: "Um, I'm a vegetarian."back to cast

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Home Town: Brampton, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: The Revenger's Tragedy - Supervacuo; Six War Years - ensemble; Sparks in the Park - various roles; The Relapse - Front of House; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Props Crew Chief; Pericles - Props; The Farm Show - Front of House.
For Other Companies: Of Mice and Men - George, Godspell - Jeffrey, Brighton Beach Memoirs - Eugene Morris Jerome, Ten Little Indians - William Henry Blore (St. Augustine S.S.).
Ambition: To pay off my student loan.
Favourite Saying: "Hey mate! Spare some change?!?"

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Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: The Revenger's Tragedy - Spurio; Six War Years - ensemble; The Relapse - Front of House Crew; Pericles - Props Crew; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Set and Lights Crew Chief; The Farm Show - Publicity Crew.
For Other Companies: Down in the Flood - Jarrod (ISP); 'Dentity Crisis - Director, Night of January 16th - Defense Attorney Stevens (Erindale Drama Club); Impromptu - Tony (Theatre Showcase Brampton); Seven Stories -The Man (Streetsville S. S.).
Ambition: Not to be any worse than I am at what I do best.
Favourite Saying: "And if I seem a little strange, well that's because I am."

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Home Town: Brampton, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: The Revenger's Tragedy - Ambitioso; Six War Years - ensemble; The Relapse - Wardrobe Crew Chief; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Front of House; Pericles - Wardrobe; The Farm Show - Front of House.
For Other Companies: The Mouse Trap - Major Metcalf, Rumors - Ken Gorman, Lend Me a Tenor - Bellhop, Impromptu - Director, Not in this Boat Ewe Don't - Ted (Theatre Showcase Brampton); Nickel - Jean-Marie Cormier; Le Théâtre de la Maintenance - Bergeron (Le Nouveau Théâtre D'Occasion); Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Zeke (Georgetown Globe Productions).
Ambition: To pinch myself during the impossible dream and not wake up.
Favourite Saying:"I said PARDON!?"

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Home Town: Nipawin, Saskatchewan
For Theatre Erindale: The Revenger's Tragedy - Junior; Six War Years - ensemble; Pericles - Set and Lights Crew; The Farm Show - Props Crew; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Front of House Crew Chief; The Relapse - Wardrobe Crew; 'Dentity Crisis - Mr. Summers, Down in the Flood - Craig (I.S.P.).
For Other Companies: This Old Shoe - various roles (Sask. Drama Associates); Insanity of Mary Girard - Fury, The Legacy - William, The Keep - various roles (L.P. Comprehensive H. S.).
Ambition: To make a living, or as close to it as possible, having irresponsible fun.
Favourite Saying: "Whatever you do, don't go into THE NUT ROOM! If you go in, you'll disturb the squirrels!" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Home Town: Simcoe, Ontario
Other Training: University of Lethbridge, Theatre Arts; Clown - Circus Carnivalé.
For Theatre Erindale: The Revenger's Tragedy - Antonio/Guard; Six War Years - Ensemble; Down in the Flood - Producer/Writer (ISP).
For Other Companies: Prairie Church of Buster Galloway - Mac (U. Of Lethbridge); 4 a.m. (Open All Night) - Doc, Director (Lethbridge T.Y.A. Productions); Lichen Lab of Horrors - Dr. Sapienzo/writer (Environmental Interpretive Theatre, Alberta); Snow Dreams - various (Simcoe Players); Trial by Shakespeare - Henry V (Erindale Drama Club).
Ambition: To not play noble. Fancy worrying over a trifle like that.
Favourite Saying: "The one good thing about being young is that you are not experienced enough to know that it is not possible to do the things you are doing."

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Home Town: Etobicoke, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - Pierette, Six War Years - ensemble; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Props Running Crew; The Relapse - Front of House Crew Chief.
For Other Companies: An Inspector Calls - Sheila (Theatre Etobicoke); Annie Get Your Gun - Minnie, South Pacific - Chorus (Etobicoke Musical Productions).
Ambition: To be a success!
Favourite Saying: "Don't compromise yourself, you're all you've got."

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Stage Management

AMY WILLSHAW - Stage Manager, 2nd Yr. Sheridan Technical Production
Home Town: Peterborough, Ont.
For Theatre Sheridan: Style '96 - Company Manager; Little Shop of Horrors - Painter/Running Crew; Catch a Rising Star - Stage Manager; Pajama Game - Assistant Stage Manager.
For Other Companies: Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave - Lighting Technician (L.J. Payne Company); You'll Get Used To It: The War Show - Stage Manager/Lighting Operator (Jubilee Theatre Company).
Ambition: To become a director.
Favourite Sayings: "What is that?" - "Don't even go there!"

TRACY GEOBEY - Assistant Stage Manager, 1st Yr. Sheridan Technical Production

Home Town: Toronto, Ont.
Other Training: Academy of Performing Arts, Cambridge.
For Other Companies: The Shunning - Stage Manager, Human Knots - Stage Manager (Motus 'O' Dance Company); Fragile - Lighting/Stage Manager, Toymaker and Son - Stage Manager (Academy of Performing Arts).
Ambition: Stage Management, lighting and sound technican.
Favourite Saying: "You know, you really need to take some time and relax."

Guest Technicians

YVETTE FOSTER -Lighting Operator, 2nd Yr. Sheridan Technical Production
Home Town: Haliburton County, Ont.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Sound Operator, Rimers - Assistant Stage Manager.
For Theatre Sheridan: Pajama Game - Deck Audio; Little Shop of Horrors - Followspot Operator

JASON MURDUCK - Sound Operator, 1st Yr. Sheridan Technical Production
Home Town: Kingston, Ont.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Lighting Operator.
For Other Companies: Macbeth - Stage Manager, Dracula - Lighting Crew, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Sound Design and Technician, A Midsummer Night's Dream - Sound Design and Technician (Theatre 5).

Direction and Design


Ms. Kaszas is well known for her dedication to the promotion of new Canadian plays and playwrights. This obsession has taken her to Banff & the Playwright's colony where she functioned as Associate Dramaturge, to Toronto where she acted as Interim Artistic Director of Factory Theatre, and to Blyth Festival, which she ran, as Artistic Director for six successful seasons. She has worked in professional theatres in seven of the ten provinces, but alas, no territories. Plays which she has directed, produced, commissioned or/and dramaturged, many of them world premieres, include Bordertown Café, The Mail Order Bride, Dreamland, Amigo's Blue Guitar, and Girls in the Gang. She directed the controversial Lion in the Streets for Theatre Erindale two seasons ago, and she is pleased to return to work with the class of '97, a talented and generous group of individuals.

JIM SMAGATA, Lighting Designer

Jim is a graduate of Brock University Drama Department. He worked there as a Technical Assistant, and then moved to Alberta to head up the technical side of the Theatre at Grande Prairie Regional College. Jim worked closely with Community Theatre groups as well as the College Players and Drama Department. During his stint at GPRC, he designed lights for a myriad of shows, including Guys and Dolls, The Fantastiks, Whose Life Is It, Anyway?, The Hobbit, The Gin Game, and West Side Story. He honed his skills in audio working for the Jazz and Wind Ensembles and musical artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Moe Koffman and Eric Nagler, to name a few. After nine years, he moved to Nepean, Ontario to become Centrepointe Theatre's Chief of Production Services, rubbing elbows with Christopher Plummer and Sir Peter Ustinov among others. While there, he designed a critically acclaimed production of Into The Woods. He now is the Theatre Manager here at Erindale College and teaches Stagecraft to 1st and 2nd year students. Last September Jim directed and performed in the Drama Club's highly acclaimed but little seen musical Pump Boys and Dinettes.


Daniel is a certified Fight Director with Fight Directors, Canada. He is very pleased to continue his work with Theatre Erindale. Some of his previous shows have been The Revenger's Tragedy, Lion in the Streets and The Scams of Scapin. This is Daniel's third year teaching the stage combat course to fourth year Theatre Erindale Students. Daniel has taught throughout Toronto and is presently offering classes in Rapier Wit's Studio. He has created fights for such productions as The Outsiders, Romeo and Juliet,

Hamlet, Macbeth, and Henry V. Some of his past roles have included Joe in Jo(e), Jiri in Gray Zone, David in Dark Ages Romance, Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice, and Don Juan in Much Ado About Nothing. Daniel's television credits include Tek War, Kung Fu, Marriage Counsellor and yes that is him on Divorce Court.


This is Joanne's third year designing and co-ordinating costumes for Theatre Erindale. Previously she worked on The Revenger's Tragedy, Les Belles Soeurs, and The Relapse. Later in this season she will continue her association with Theatre Erindale by designing costumes for 7 Stories and Mycenae. She has also designed costumes for Theatre Français de Toronto, Crow's Theatre, Young Peoples Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Carousel Players, and Limelight Theatre.

She also continues to work as a "Head of Wardrobe" on a variety of projects in Toronto theatres.

Special Thanks

Blyth Festival; Sani Crljen (Christie Lites Ltd.); Dorr Brothers Meats;

Anne Gurney; J & G Meats Ltd., Burlington; Steve Kaszas; Frank Knight;

Debra McKay; Brian McNally; Martha Mann (Hart House Theatre);

Rod Maxwell; Denise Norman; Jean Phillips; Judy Smagata;

The Stratford Festival;Théatre Français de Toronto;

Theatre Sheridan; Bruce Whitehead (Lumitrol Ltd.);