From the Producer ...

I want to extend a very warm welcome to you on this our Fifth Anniversary Season. We are very proud to have reached this important milestone and you, our audience, have helped make it possible.

Your continuing support - as Patrons, Subscribers or single ticket buyers - is an essential ingredient in our success. Your enthusiasm and attentiveness as audience members are key elements in the development of our student actors. Our Patrons also benefit our students through their tax-deductible donations to our Scholarship and Development Fund.

Theatre Erindale is also one of the core priorities of the Great Minds for a Great Future Campaign currently underway at the University of Toronto at Mississauga-UTM. We are forming partnerships that will guarantee the enhancement of our Theatre and Drama Studies Program and the Studio Theatre, as well as sponsorship for our annual season of four productions.

Our Anniversary Season offers you a varied mixture of comedy, drama and history, brought to you by an impressive line-up of professional directors. The plays run the gamut from the World Première of A Harvest Yet To Reap, a docudrama about the women of the Canadian west adapted by Mimi Mekler from the popular history of the same name, to Shakespeare's most popular comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream. We hope you will join us for all our productions. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Nancy Copeland

From the Artistic Director ...

Welcome to the second production of the 1997/98 Theatre Erindale Season -- our fifth!

Lanford Wilson has quite possibly the pre-eminent claim to being considered the Dean of living American playwrights. Born in 1937 in Lebanon, Missouri, he began writing as a student at San Diego State College and the University of Chicago. After gravitating to New York in 1962, he became identified with the Café Chino and then the Café LaMama, and eventually co-founded the famous Circle Repertory Company. He is a multiple winner of the Drama Desk, Critics Circle, and Obie Awards, and the Pulitzer Prize, and he has been produced in the West End, on Broadway, and in regional theatres across the continent and around the world.

Mr. Wilson's remarkable canon includes So Long at the Fair (1963), Home Free! And The Madness of Lady Bright (1964), Balm in Gilead (1965), The Rimers of Eldritch (1966 -- produced by Theatre Erindale in 1995), The Gingham Dog (1969), Lemon Sky (1970), The Great Nebula in Orion (1971), The Mound Builders (1975), 5th of July (1978), Talley's Folly (Pulitzer, 1979)

Patrick Young

From the Director ...

LANFORD WILSON'S Hot l Baltimore, like so many of his plays, works not just as a good story about interesting people - funny, warm, sadand moving all at once - but it works on the larger "universal" level telling us about the death of a time, a country, a civilization if you will. Throughout his writing, Wilson looks to highlight the losers, the castaways, and thelonely people that exist everywhere. Still surviving in a battle against the cold, destructive "real" world. I feel that Lanford's writing is so strongly American, in that he obviously cares about the landscape, the culture, and the society-cares about it with a sharp cirticism of it's avaricious devouring of it's own. In 1972, so much was changing in the U.S.. As Baltimore itself was tearing down it's old, dirty, bluecollar, downtown core to rebuild it for a newer, more middle class future; so the whole country was in the process of massive change-the Vietnam war was spiralling to an end-Nixon was nearing his forced departure caused by deep rot in the system - the era of free love had transformed into the new entrepreneurism that would do such a job on selling out the ideals of a generation. All this is in this play too. The crumbling hotel, nearing extinction, getting ready to evict it's human flotsam and jetsam, serves as a symbol for all of what was happening. The spirits of the hotel are about to be set loose. I hope they reside successfully in the theatre with this production.

David Ferry


by Lanford Wilson

Directed by David Ferry

assisted by Zaib Shaikh

Set by David Ferry and James W. Smagata

Costumes by Joanne Massingham

Lighting by James W. Smagata

Scenic Art by Diann Virostek, assisted by

Cindy Chaves, Kelly Groh, Elaine Salisbury, Angela Vanderveen

Flight Direction by Daniel Levinson

Stage Management by Cindy Chaves

assisted by Kevin Cahill

The Cast


Bill Lewis- Michael Kessler

Mr. Katz- Brock Young

Mrs. Oxenham - Sarah Schwartz / Natasha Biljetina*


The Girl -Delia Cicconi

Mr. Morse - Norbert Kliszczewski

Millie - Claire Porter

April Green - Angela Mcmillan

Suzie - Annamieke Wade

Jackie - Natasha Biljetina / Sarah Schwartz*

Jamie - Terry Costa

Other Residents -Cindy Chaves, Adam Bailey


Paul Granger III - Michael Battell

Mrs. Bellotti - Jacqueline Leung

Cab-driver, Delivery Boy - Adam Fimio

Suzie's John - David Yee

April's John - Kevin Cahill

*(Playing November 20th, 22nd, 26th, 28th)

The play takes place in the lobby of the Hotel Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, on Memorial Day (Monday, May 28th), in 1973

-- There will be two 10-minute intermissions --


Lighting Technician:Greg Kott

Audio Technician:Russ Noble

Audio Assistant:Katie Van Exan

Assistant to the Technical Director:Matt Zeyl

The Crew

Props Crew: Ben Ceasar (Chief), Mike Bradley, Alison Jutzi, Adam Lotesto, Joanne Newell,

Siobhan Reddick, Lisa Sheppard, Gina Smith.

Set and Lights Adam Bailey, Mike Bradley, Jeff Collins, Stefanie Drummond, Nathaniel Whitfield, Tina Yeung

Wardrobe Crew: Stephan Gallant (Chief), Alaina Brouwer, Kathleen Killen. Eric Rose, Laura Wilson.

Front of House Crew: Kelly Straughan (Chief), Darryl Hinds, Ryan Redmond, Nicole Stamp, Amy Veenstra

Running Crew: Cam Johnston, Matt White

For Theatre Erindale:

Producer: Nancy Copeland

Artistic Director: Patrick Young

Production Manager, Technical Director: James W. Smagata

Business Manager: Lucy Gaspini

Public Relations: Maryann Wells

Office Staff: Brenda Mazur

Production Assistants: Terry Costa, Tina Yeung

Co-Op Student Technician: Christine Marshall

Program Photography: Steve Jaunzems

For legal and/or safety reasons all cameras, recorders, telephones and paging devices

must be checked with the House Manager.

In consideration for the audience and company,

latecomers are not admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

The Cast

MICHAEL BATTELL, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Hamilton, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: 7 Stories - Leonard/Al; Story Theatre - Stone; The Revenger's Tragedy - Sardido/Piero; Humans - Various; And Then There Was Paris - Romeo.

For Other Companies: Jesus Christ Superstar - James the Lesser (Ancaster Arts Council); Assassins - Billy Herald/Various (Playhouse 1982); Wizard of Oz - Cowardly Lion; Joseph - Isachaar (Ancaster High).

Ambition: To find what I'm searching for.

Favourite Saying: "It's not your business one way or the other, is it?" - Paul Granger III.

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NATASHA ALEXANDRA BILJETINA, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Stoney Creek, Ontario

Other Training: Daily life and my travels.

For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Katerina; 7 Stories - Charlotte.

For Other Companies: Hamlet, Two Gentlemen of Verona - King Lear; A Winkers Tale - Henry V (Globe Theatre - Internship).

Ambition: To cry without weeping, to talk without speaking, to scream without raising my voice.

Favourite Saying: "The important thing in somebody's biography is not what they do but what they think." - Glen Gould

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TERRY COSTA, 4th Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town:

For Theatre Erindale: 7 Stories - Percy; Story Theatre - Roxy; 1995 - present - Production Assistant; Six War Years - Assisant Stage Manager; Junior Projects '96 - Stage Manager; ISP's: Inception in Extremis, A Play for Sterophonic Sound, Humans, Body and Soul - Director & Designer; Sparks in the Park - Stage Manager.

For Other Companies: 3 years including last seasons' Sound of Music, Chess, and Crazy For You - Production/Stage Manager (Burlington Performing Arts); Ancient Flames - Caiaphas (Oakville Theatrefest); Pippin - Player, Certain as the Sun, Generation X (Arts Loyola Live); Down and Out - Director (Erindale Drama Club); Directing upcoming UNI THEATRE's production of Humans.

Ambition: To always shoot for the moon!

Favourite Saying: "...Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars." - Les Brown Holy doodle! R U all ready 4 this?

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ADAM "CALLABRANTUS' FIMIO, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Barrie, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Set and Lights Crew; 7 Stories - Wardrobe Crew.

Ambition: To pass poetry class.

Favourite Saying: "My poetry essay? Uh ..."

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MICHAEL KESSLER, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Brampton, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: 7 Stories - Rodney/Marshall; Story Theatre - Ethan; The Rimers of Eldritch - Judge Preacher.

For Other Companies Dentity Crisis - Robert (Zaib Shaikh's); Anxiety of Immortality - Immortality Assesor (Sonic Boom/Autumn Leaf); The Zoo Story - Jerry (On the Fringe); Upon A Star - Writer/Director (Erindale Drama Club); All I Remember is Leaving - Writer/Chris (Fallen Angels); The Living Room - Jerry Peters/Writer (Before the Fringe).

Ambition: Guess!!!

Favourite Saying: "Life is the crummiest book I ever read, there isn't a hook, just a lot of cheap shots; pictures to shock, and characters an amateur would never dream up." - Brett Gurewitz.

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NORBERT KLISZCZEWSKI, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town:: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: 7 Stories - Man; Story Theatre - Various; The Rimers of Eldritch - Peck; At Home - Paul (ISP); On the Fringe - Lighting Design; The Revenger's Tragedy - Front of House Crew; Scams of Scapin; Mycenae; Les Belles Soeurs; Lion in the Streets (Lights and Set Crew).

For Other Companies: Sand - Dan (Laboratory Theatre); Assassins - Czolgaz (Parydox Production); Various Light Design Crews (SMI).

Ambition: To learn everything about the Theatre and always feel like I need to learn more, while having fund and keeping sane.

Favourite Saying: "Everything you ever heard about a polish man is true."

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JACQUELINE LEUNG, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Vancouver, Alberta

Other Training: Theatre Resource Centre Acting Workshop.

For Theatre Erindale: Lion in the Streets - Front of House Crew; Scapin - Running Crew; Six War Years - Music Coach/Pianist; Les Belles Soeurs - Music Coach/Neighbour; Story Theatre - Ensemble; 7 Stories - Lillian/Party Girl; Body and Soul - Connie..

For Other Companies: World of Colour - Elizabeth (Meeting Place Theatre); Passage - Ensemble (Theatre Resource Centre); The Orchestra -Suzanne (Theatre Pegasus).

Ambition: To be a "God damn professional" at something.

Favourite Saying: "Line!?"

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ANGELA MCMILLAN, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Sudbury, Ontario

Other Training: Program Director of the Sudbury Summer Theatre Camp.

For Theatre Erindale: Mycenae- Athena/Chorus; Story Theatre - Christie; And Then There Was Paris - Benvolio; Split (On The Fringe, '96) - Assistant Director/Lighting Operator.

For Other Companies: Forever Farmdale - Lilly (Sudbury Theatre Centre).

Ambition: To always have "the conviction of my passions."

Favourite Saying: "I wanna be all that!"

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CLAIRE PORTER, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: London, Ontario

Other Training: Western Ontario Conservatory of Music.

For Theatre Erindale: Mycenae - Aphrodite/Chorus; Story Theatre - Angel; Pump Boys and Dinettes - Rhetta; The Living Room - Robin; The Zoo Story - Director/Producer; Sparks in the Park - Director/Producer.

For Other Companies: Toronto/Mississippi - Jhana (Port Stanley Festival Theatre); Opening Night - Libby (Palace Theatre); Acts of Murder - Barbara (Blackbird Mystery Theatre); 2 seasons with the Storybook Players; currently in 5th season with Mystery Unlimited Dinner Theatre Company.

Ambition: To move.

Favourite Saying: "Even if you're on the right track, you won't go far if you just sit there."

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SARAH SCHWARTZ, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Montreal, Quebec

Other Training: Grade 5 Singing at Toronto Conservatory of Music.

For Theatre Erindale: Mycenae - Hera/Chorus; Story Theatre - Elsie; Inception in Extremis - World (ISP); At Home - Carol (ISP).

For Other Companies: The New McGill - Donna (Art Attacks); Upon A Star - ASM/Sound (Drama Club); The Tinker's Wedding - Mary Burns (Wahoo Family Theatre Company).

Ambition: To finally sing "On the Steps of the Palace".

Favourite Saying: Disco stu likes disco music.

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ANNEMIEKE WADE, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: St. Albans, Vermont

For Theatre Erindale: 7 Stories - Joan/Nurse Wilson; Story Theatre - Gyngar; The Revenger's Tragedy - Head of Costumes Crew Chief; Six War Years - Set and Lights Crew; 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Props Crew; Body and Soul - Jane (ISP); 'Dentity Crisis - Edith (ISP).

For Other Companies: A Streetcar named Desire - Stella - Hamlet - Ophelia (Champlain College Players).

Ambition: To marry a St. Johnny and talk about Euclid.

Favourite Saying: "I saw everything. I tell you everything.

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DAVID YEE, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: A Communication Breakdown - Thomas; The Other Half - Michael; The Gut Girls - Running Crew.

Ambition: To be Zaib.

Favourite Saying: "I'm thinking of doing some Durang ..."

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BROCK YOUNG, 4th Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: North Bay, Ontario

Other Training: Grade 9 Piano.

For Theatre Erindale: 7 Stories - Michael; Story Theatre - Hound various role; The Revenger's Tragedy - Set and Lights Crew Chief; Six War Years - Running Crew; Pericles - Publicity.

For Other Companies: Barnom - Co-ordinator and Joseph the Amazing- Levi (TOROS); No Frills Revue - Bud and Windows - Ensemble (The Company).

Ambition: To live.

Favourite Saying: "A life lived in fear, Isa life half lived".

Stage Management

CINDY CHAVES - Stage Manager, 2nd Year Sheridan College Technical Production

Home Town: Cambridge, Ontario

Other Training: Work Placement with Theatre And Company

For Theatre Erindale: 7 Stories - Stage Manager

For Theatre Sheridan: Babies, Bless Them All - Assistant Stage Manager; Lend Me A Tenor - Wardrobe crew and dresser; Two Noble Kinsmen - Wardrobe crew

For Other Companies: Philemon - Lighting Board operator (Theatre and Company); A Midsummer Night's Dream - Stage Manager, Morning Minstrel - Stage manager/Author (Glenview Players); Behind the Mask - Director (Granola Players); Life- The Musical not the Cereal - Stage Manager/ Costume designer (Blissfully Unaware Theatre Company).

Ambition: To be "played off" at the Tonys

Favourite Saying: "I suck, I suck! What's you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

KEVIN CAHILL, assistant Stage Manager, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Ottawa, Ontario

For Other Companies: Will Rogers Follies - Assistant Sound; Crazy For You - Assistant Stage Manager (Company of Musical Theatre).

Ambition: To finish college and tour the world.

Favourite Saying: "Good morning."

Guest Technicians

MATT ZEYL - Assistant to the Technical Director. 2nd Yr. Sheridan College Technical Production

Home Town: Woodstock, Ontario

For Theatre Sheridan: Babies, Bless Them All - Electrician; Acting Critiques - Stage Manager; My Favourite Year/The Decameron - Carpenter; Two Noble Kinsmen - Assistant Stage Manager.

For Other Companies: 1997 Season - Production Assistant (Stirling Festival Theatre); Pinnochio/The Flower of Truth - Lighting Designer (The Theatre School).


RUSSELL NOBLE - Sound Operator. 2nd Yr. Sheridan College Technical Production

Home Town: Niagara-on-the-Lake

Other Training: The Shaw Festival - Stage Management co-op placement.

For Theatre Sheridan: Babies, Bless Them All - Carpenter; My Favourite Year - Assistant Stage Manager; Two Noble Kinsmen - Audio Engineer; Lend Me a Tenor - Audio Engineer/Production Audio; Sheridan Style - Stitcher (Theatre Sheridan)

For Other Companies: Brigadoon - House Technician/Deck Audio (Huron Country Playhouse).

Ambition: To be able to build show-tapes and run audio in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Favourite Saying: "Ergo, essentially".


GREG KOTT, Lighting Operator. 2nd Yr. Sheridan College Technical Production

Home Town: Hamilton, Ontario

For Theatre Sheraton: Lend Me A Tenor - Electrics; My Favourite Year - Scenic paint and Running Crew; Babies Bless Them All - Wardrobe.

For Other Companies: Closer Than Ever - Stage Manager (New Faces); Life The Musical Not The Cereal - Lighting Design (Blissfully Unawhere Theatre Company); The Odd Couple - Electrics and Flyman; Someone Who'll Watch Over Me - Lighting design (Hamilton Players Guild).

Ambition: Lots!

Favourite Saying: "If you can't fix it with hot glue or duct tape it's just not worth fixing".


Direction and Design


David has worked in theatres across the country and on/off Broadway. He works as frequently in film, TV, and radio as he does on stage. Directing credits include St. Nicholas Hotel, Orpheus Descending, Blood Wedding, and Balm in Gilead (George Brown Theatre); Twelfth Night, Midsummer Night's Dream, Road, and Camino Real (Humber Theatre); 27 Wagons Full of Cotton (Shaw Directors Fortnight); Talley and Son (Theatre Plus); Albertine in 5 Times and the recent critical hit premiere production of Tom Walmsley's Blood at the Factory Theatre Main Stage. Upcoming directorial gigs include Mini Bugs and Micro Chips for YPT, a new James Reaney play about the Brontes. David directed Billy Bishop Goes to War and Cheatin' Hearts this past summer for the Bluewater Summer Playhouse in Kincardine, where he is Interim Artistic Director. David teaches regularly at Theatre Schools such as George Brown, Humber, and the National Theatre School. He has produced a CD recording of Canadian Dialects for the actor called Canadian, Eh? He is Vice President External of Canadian Actor's Equity.

ZAIB SHAIKH, Assistant Director

A graduate of the Theatre and Drama Studies Program, Zaib is pleased to return to Theatre Erindale. Working with a fine cast and talented director has taught Zaib a great deal and he thanks Theatre Erindale and David Ferri for the opportunity to be a part of the creative team. Recent directing credits include All I Remember is Leaving (Fallen Angels) which premiered at this year's Toronto Fringe Festival; For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls (Erindale Drama Club) which won Zaib the Robert Gill Award for Best Director, and 'Dentity Crisis (Theatre Erindale). As an actor Zaib has been seen on the Erindale mainstage and, this summer, in film and television work.

JIM SMAGATA, Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Jim is a graduate of Brock University Drama Department where he worked as a Technical Assistant, and then moved to Alberta to become Technical Manager of the Theatre at Grande Prairie Regional College. Jim worked closely with Community Theatre groups as well as the College Players and Drama Department. During his stint at GPRC, he designed lights for a myriad of shows, including Guys and Dolls, The Fantastiks, The Shadow Box, Whose Life Is It, Anyway?, The Hobbit, The Gin Game, and West Side Story. After nine years, he moved to Nepean, Ontario to become Centrepointe Theatre's Chief of Production Services, rubbing elbows with Christopher Plummer and Sir Peter Ustinov among others. While there, he designed a critically acclaimed production of Into The Woods. He is now the Theatre Manager here at Erindale College and teaches Stagecraft to 1st and 2nd year students. Jim directed and performed in the Drama Club's highly acclaimed but little seen musical Pump Boys and Dinettes.

Favourite Saying: "How many brains does it take...."

JOANNE MASSINGHAM, Costume Consultant

This is Joanne's fourth year designing and co-ordinating costumes for Theatre Erindale. Her costumes have enhanced our productions A Harvest Yet To Reap, The Relapse, Les Belles Soeurs, The Revenger's Tragedy, The Gut Girls, and 7 Stories. She has also designed costumes for Théâtre Français de Toronto, Crow's Theatre, Young People's Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Carousel Players, and Limelight Theatre. She also continues to work as "Head of Wardrobe" on a variety of projects in Toronto theatres.

Thanks to:

Michael Farnsworth. Wightman Communications, Durham Telephones, Bob Grinton (Telephone Pioneers), Tarragon Theatre, Robert Gill Theatre, Theatre Sheridan, Mississauga News, Heather Kent, Canadian Opera Company, The O'Mearas and the Newells, Fortino's Superstore (Burlington)