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From the Producer ...

Welcome to Theatre Erindale's fourth season. And welcome back to our many returning audience members. You helped make last season our most successful yet, and we're delighted that you're joining us for this season's varied, entertaining and sometimes challenging plays.

The support you give us--as a single ticket buyer, as a subscriber, or as a Patron--is tremendously important to us. As audience members, you make an essential contribution to the growth of our student actors, who benefit from your engaged and enthusiastic responses. If you are a Patron, your tax-deductible donation to Theatre Erindale goes directly to our Scholarship and Development Fund to benefit our students. And, just as importantly, your support is helping Theatre Erindale contribute to the cultural life of Mississauga.

So once again, welcome and thank you. We hope you enjoy the season of plays we've chosen for you. We think you'll agree that for Theatre Erindale "The Sky's the Limit!"

Nancy Copeland

From the Artistic Director ...

Welcome to the third production of the 1996/97 Theatre Erindale Season! Our aim is to provide reasonably priced live theatre that's challenging, entertaining, and different from anything else west of Toronto. Whether you're a Member, a Patron, or a single ticket buyer, we're delighted to have you with us and we hope to see you often in the future.

With this performance of 7 Stories, we welcome back Joanne Massingham, whose costumes have now graced five Theatre Erindale productions and are soon to be seen once more in Mycenae. Onstage you will see most of the current third-year class of our joint Sheridan College/Erindale College Theatre and Drama Studies Program.

Our mainstage season will conclude March 5 - 15 with a rare and very challenging presentation. Under the title Mycenae, no less than three Greek tragedies -- in the condensed contemporary versions adapted by John Barton for the Royal Shakespeare Company -- will feature our graduating class, directed by special guest Simon Johnston of Lighthouse Festival Theatre fame. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to re-visit the savage roots of western mythology in a guise that evokes both our time and all time.

Even after that, however, there will be more surprises in store from On The Fringe, our festival of Independent Student Productions -- four one-act plays to be mounted April 2-5 at Pay-What-You-Can prices. Watch our next program for complete details.

We're glad you've joined us for this performance. And we hope you find it a stimulating evening in the theatre! Please come again.

Patrick Young

From the Director ...

Morris Panych, now 43, grew up in Alberta, graduated from UBC in 1977, and did further training in London, England, at the avant-garde theatre school East 15, before returning to the west coast. A successful actor and performer, he played the title role in Tarragon Theatre's Dora-winning Toronto production of Pal Joey in 1986. Some eight plays and "political musicals" produced before 7 Stories included the post-nuclear cabaret Last Call (Adelaide Court, 1983). Tarragon also successfully produced The Ends of the Earth in Toronto in 1994 (winner of the Governor General's Award for Drama), and Vigil to great acclaim in 1996. Panych's works -- often self-directed -- have also been performed at the Edinburgh Festival and in London and New York.

7 Stories, first produced by Vancouver's Arts Club Theatre in 1989, was to become Panych's "break-through" comedy. It won six Jessie awards in 1990, went on to sell out the Tarragon Theatre in 1991, and has remained a popular hit across the country ever since. The play's origins lie in two things in particular. One was a writing exercise exploring the implications of acting in a confined space; in the first version, all the scenes took place in an elevator as it moved from floor to floor. The other was Panych's abiding interest in "the philosophical implications of suicide."

CBC Radio in Vancouver put a finger on the pulse of the humour with striking accuracy when they said, "Panych mixes Magritte, Sartre, Woody Allen, and the Book of Job with Buster Keaton and Magic Realism. It's special chemistry with special results."

We've certainly enjoyed working on 7 Stories. We hope you enjoy the show.

Patrick Young


7 Stories

by Morris Panych

(produced by special arrangement with Playwright's Union of Canada)

Directed by Patrick Young
Original set design by Ken MacDonald
Set adapted by Patrick Young and Jim Smagata
Costumes by Joanne Massingham
Lighting Designer - James W. Smagata
Stage Manager - Cindy Chaves
Assistant Stage Managers - Claire D'Angelo, Julie Florio

The Cast

(in alphabetical order)

Michael Battell- Leonard, Al, Neighbour
Natasha Alexandra Biljetina- Charlotte, Neighbour 1
Delia De Cicconi- Rachel, Neighbour 3
Terry Costa- Percy, Neighbour 4
Michael Kessler- Rodney, Marshall, Police
Norbert Kliszczewski- The Man
Jacqueline Leung- Jennifer, Lillian
Annamieke Wade- Joan, Nurse Wilson, Neighbour 5
Brock Young- Michael, Neighbour 2

There will be no intermission.

For 7 Stories:

Lighting Technician: Sandra Marcroft

Audio Technician: Jeremy Nantes

Scenic Painting: Amy Willshaw and Wil Pialagitis

Program: Margot Thomas

Set and Lights: Robin Archer (Crew Chief), Ben Caesar, Sandra Marcroft, Laura Mulhall, Jeremy Nantes, Mandy Resendes, John Terranova, Tina Yeung

Wardrobe: Diane Cunningham (Crew Chief), Janet Caruana, Adam Fimio, Sarah Robinson, Katie Van Exan

Properties: Melanie Bravetti

Front of House and Box Office: Kevin Robinson (Crew Chief), Stacey Kilrea, John Shea,
Tracy Shillemore, Tina Yeung

Running Crew: Deborah Pietrantonio


  • Brad Benedict (prod.): Organs in Orbit
  • Los del Mar: Macarena
  • R. Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra

For Theatre Erindale:

Producer: Nancy Copeland
Artistic Director: Patrick Young
Production Manager, Technical Director: James W. Smagata
Business Manager: Clara Stewart
Public Relations: Maryann Wells
Office Staff: Margot Thomas
Production Assistants: Terry Costa (Box Office), Norbert Kliszczewski
Co-Op Student: Sarah Abusarar
Technical Assistant: John Wojewoda

For legal and/or safety reasons all cameras, recorders, telephones and

paging devices must be checked with the House Manager.

In consideration for the audience and company, latecomers are

not admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

The Cast

MICHAEL BATTELL, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Hamilton, Ont.

For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Stone; The Revenger's Tragedy - Piero, Sordido, Keeper, Props Crew Chief; The Rimers of Eldritch - Wardrobe Crew; The Relapse; or, Virtue in Danger - Running Crew; Lion in the Streets - Set and Lights Crew.
For Other Companies: Joseph and the AmazingTechnicolour Dreamcoat - Isachaar, The Wizard of Oz - Cowardly Lion (Ancaster H.S.); Assassins - David Herold/Billy (Playhouse '82); Jesus Christ Superstar- Apostle (James the Lesser) (Ancaster Arts Council).
Ambition: To enhance my social skills. "Hey somebody left some perfectly good beer in this ashtray!"
Favourite Saying: "Miss Hoover, I glued my head to my shoulder."

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NATASHA ALEXANDRA BILJETINA, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Stoney Creek, Ont.
Other Training: Toronto Dance Theatre, Second City.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Katerina; Rimers - Movement Choreographer; Six War Years - Front of House; Les Belles Soeurs - Set Crew Chief.
For Other Companies: Anxiety of Immortality - actor (Sonic Boom-Autumn Leaf Productions); Born in the Grave - crew (Crow's Theatre).
Ambition:To make it to (the) 'Real World'.
Favourite Saying: "The really important things in someone's biography are what he thinks and feels and not what he has done." Glenn Gould

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DELIA DE CICCONI, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Mississauga, Ont.
Other Training: Classical Vocal, Royal Conservatory.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Jade; Les Belles Soeurs - Wardrobe Crew; Six War Years - Front of House Crew Chief; The Relapse - Props Crew; 1837: The Farmers' Revolt - Set & Lighting Crew.
Ambition: To get the ants out of my pants...
Favourite Saying: "Anima sa, si sa." - Frederico Fellini, 8

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TERRY COSTA, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Candelária, Pico Azores
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Roxy; 1995-96 & 96-97 Season - Production Assistant; Six War Years - Assistant Stage Manager; Junior Projects 1996 - Stage Manager; ISPs: Body and Soul - Director and Designer; Sparks in the Park - Stage Manager.
For Other Companies: Ancient Flames - Caiaphas (A.L.L.-Sears Drama Festival) (Oakville Theatrefest); Mosaic of the Mind - Genie dancer; Pippin - Player, and Ensemble in Certain as the Sun and Generation X (Arts Loyola Live); Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Phantom, Joseph, Cats - Production Coordinator/Stage Manager (Burlington Performing Arts).
Ambition: To reach "The Goal" (together and apart), but always come back!
Favourite Saying: Holy doodle! R U all ready 4 this?

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MICHAEL KESSLER, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Brampton, Ont.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Ethan; Rimers - Judge, Preacher; ISPs: Claire Porter's Zoo Story - Jerry; Zaib's 'Dentity Crisis - Robert.
For Other Companies: Anxiety of Immortality - Immortality Assessor (Sonic Boom/Autumn Leaf Productions).
Ambition: To have as much style as The Bee Gees, Han Solo and Shaft.
Favourite Saying: "Long live Blind Melon, I love Ringo, my cat's breath smells like cat food."

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NORBERT KLISZCZEWSKI, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Warsaw, Poland.

Other Training: Theatre "Ochota" Acting training in Poland.

For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre -Papa Bear; Rimers - Peck; Revenger's Tragedy - Front of House Crew Chief; Les Belles Soeurs - Set & Lighting Crew; Six War Years - Lighting Crew; Lion in the Streets - Set & Lighting Crew; ISPs: At Home, Sparks in the Park, Zoo Story, Down in the Flood.
For Other Companies: Sand - Dan (Theatre Lab); Assassin (Paradox Productions); 1949, Pippin (Cawthra Park S. S.); The Sears Festival; Freelance production work for numerous companies.
Ambition: To learn everything about the theatre and still always feel a need to learn more.
Favourite Saying: "I am so, so, so, so, very sorry."

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JACQUELINE LEUNG, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Vancouver, B.C.
Other Training: University of Western Ontario, BSc; Royal Conservatory of Music, ARCT Performance Level.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - C.C.; Les Belles Soeurs - Wardrobe Crew Chief, Musical Coach, Neighbour's Voice; Six War Years - Musical Director, Pianist; Scapin - Running Crew; Lion in the Streets - Front of House; ISP Body and Soul - Connie, Assistant Stage Manager.
For Other Companies: Orchestra - Suzanne Delicias (Theatre Pegasus); Passages - ensemble actor, various roles (Theatre Resource Centre); World of Colour - Elizabeth (Meeting Place Theatre).
Ambition: To draw upon the clown in me when life gets too serious.
Favourite Saying: "When are you going to find a real job?!"

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ANNAMIEKE WADE, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: St. Albans, Vermont
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Gynjar; The Revenger's Tragedy - Costume Crew Chief; The Farmers' Revolt - Props Crew; The Relapse - Costume Crew; Six War Years - Set and Lights Crew; ISPs: Body and Soul - Jane; 'Dentity Crisis - Edith Fromage.
For Other Companies: Hamlet - Ophelia, A Streetcar Named Desire - Stella Dubois (Champlain College); The Crucible - Abigail Williams (Bellows Free Academy).
Ambition: To blast across the alkali flats in a jet-powered, monkey navigated . . .
Favourite Saying: "I used to rock & roll all night and party every day. Then it was every other day. Now I'm lucky if I get an hour a week in which to get funky."

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BROCK YOUNG, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: North Bay, Ont.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Tristan; The Revenger's Tragedy - Set and Lights Crew Chief; Six War Years - Running Crew; Pericles - Publicity; The Farm Show - Publicity.
For Other Companies: Barnum - Co-ordinator, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat- a brother (T.O.R.O.S.); The Lost Land - Honour, Canada: The War Years - ensemble; Windows - ensemble, The No Frills Revue - "Bud" (The Company).
Ambition: To be absolutely fabulous.
Favourite Saying: "A life lived in fear, is a life half-lived."

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Stage Management

CINDY CHAVES - Stage Manager, 1st Yr. Sheridan Technical Production
Home Town: Cambridge, Ont.
For Theatre Sheridan: Babies "Bless Them All" - Assistant Stage Manager.
For Other Companies: Philemon - Lighting Board Operator; A Midsummer Night's Dream - Stage Manager, Medea - Stage Crew, costumes (Glenview Park Drama Productions); 5 Disciplines - Director (Granola Players).
Ambition: To work at Stratford and make people smile.
Favourite Saying: "Yes, I always smile. Does that make you nervous?"

CLAIRE D'ANGELO - Assistant Stage Manager, 2nd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Oakville, Ont.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Deputy Stage Manager; Rimers - Front of House; Les Belles Soeurs - Set and Lights; ISPs: At Home (Split Part 1) - Stage Manager.
For Other Companies: Adventures of the Star Brigade Clubhouse - Kate (Front Porch Productions); Merry Munsch -Actor, Live - Actor (Theatre Orangeville).
Ambition: Free-e-dom!.
Favourite Saying: "She is herself a dowry." - William Shakespeare

JULIE FLORIO - Assistant Stage Manager, 2nd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies
Home Town: Stoney Creek, Ont.
For Theatre Erindale: Story Theatre - Deputy Stage Manager; Rimers - Running Crew; Les Belles Soeurs - Props Crew.
For Other Companies: The Proposal - **** Barefoot in the Park - Ethel Banks, When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet - Director, Rinse the Blood off My Toga - Sippio, Our Town - Professor Willard (C.N. Players).
Ambition: To be "careful of the icy patch!".
Favourite Saying: "I have bursts of being a lady, but it doesn't last long." - Shelley Winters

Guest Technicians

JEREMY NANTES - Sound Operator, 2nd Yr. Sheridan Technical Production
Home Town: Brampton, Ontario
For Theatre Erindale: Les Belles Soeurs - ASM.
For Theatre Sheridan: Babies: Bless Them All - Stage Manager; Little Shop of Horrors - Carpenter, Running Crew Lies and Legends - Electrician.
For Other Companies: Dwaine's - ASM (Canada's Wonderland); Kismet - Lighting Board Operator (Brampton Musical Society).

SANDRA MARCROFT - Lighting Operator, 2nd Yr. Sheridan Technical Production, B.A. in Drama Studies, Glendon College, York University, 1995
For Theatre Erindale: The Rimers of Eldritch - Lighting Board Operator.
For Glendon College: Christmas at the Ivanov's - Lighting Designer; Seed - Costume Designer; Lysistrata - Mask and set crew.
For Other Companies: Christianne: Stations in a Painter's Life - Sound design (The Gathering); Close Encounters of the Human Kind (Amicus Production); Summerworks production of Radio Man - Assistant Stage Manager (Radio Man Play Company).

Direction and Design

Patrick graduated in English from Victoria College, U of T, and trained in Theatre on scholarship at Indiana University. By the late '70s his Canada-wide acting career included the record-breaking Toronto hits Flicks, The Relapse, and the original production of Automatic Pilot, and he was guest-starring on such series as The Great Detective and Night Heat. With the '80s, he branched into playwriting, directing, and teaching. He is the author of four award-winning plays, and has held the posts of Artistic Director of Dalhousie Theatre Productions (Halifax), Associate Director and Playwright-in-Residence of the Lighthouse Festival Theatre, and Director/Dramaturg of the Muskoka Festival Musical Theatre Writers' Colony. He is now the Sheridan Coordinator of the Theatre and Drama Studies Program, and the Artistic Director of Theatre Erindale -- for which he has directed The Farm Show, The Relapse, and The Revenger's Tragedy.

JIM SMAGATA, Lighting Designer

Jim is a graduate of Brock University Drama Department. He worked there as a Technical Assistant, and then moved to Alberta to head up the technical side of the Theatre at Grande Prairie Regional College. Jim worked closely with Community Theatre groups as well as the College Players and Drama Department. During his stint at GPRC, he designed lights for a myriad of shows, including Guys and Dolls, The Fantastiks, Whose Life Is It, Anyway?, The Hobbit, The Gin Game, and West Side Story. He honed his skills in audio working for the Jazz and Wind Ensembles and musical artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Moe Koffman and Eric Nagler, to name a few. After nine years, he moved to Nepean, Ontario to become Centrepointe Theatre's Chief of Production Services, rubbing elbows with Christopher Plummer and Sir Peter Ustinov among others. While there, he designed a critically acclaimed production of Into The Woods.

He is now the Theatre Manager here at Erindale College and teaches Stagecraft to 1st and 2nd year students. Last September Jim directed and performed in the Drama Club's highly acclaimed but little seen musical Pump Boys and Dinettes.


This is Joanne's third year designing and co-ordinating costumes for Theatre Erindale. Previously she worked on The Relapse, Les Belles Soeurs, The Revenger's Tragedy, The Gut Girls, and 7 Stories. Later in this season she will continue her association with Theatre Erindale by designing costumes for Mycenae.

She has also designed costumes for Theatre Français du Toronto, Crow's Theatre, Young Peoples Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Carousel Players, and Limelight Theatre.

She also continues to work as "Head of Wardrobe" on a variety of projects in Toronto theatres.