From the Producer ...

A warm welcome to Theatre Erindale's new season. This is our second full season, and once again we are offering our audiences a subscription package with substantial savings and Membership privileges. I hope that you will join us for our entire season of four exciting and varied plays.

Whether you join us for four plays, or one, or any number in between, we appreciate your support for Theatre Erindale and our student actors. Your participation as an audience member is an essential component of our students' development as performers. We are particularly grateful to our Patrons, those of you who make an additional tax-deductible donation to Theatre Erindale when you purchase your subscriptions. Your donations go directly into our Scholarship and Development Fund to benefit our students.

Once again, welcome or welcome back. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership with you as we entertain, move and challenge you with our 1995-96 season.

Nancy Copeland

From the Artistic Director ...

Welcome to the first production of Theatre Erindale's third season! Our aim is to provide reasonably-priced live theatre that's challenging, entertaining, and different from anything else West of Toronto. Whether you're a Member, a Patron, or a single ticket buyer, we're delighted to have you with us and we hope to see you often in the future.

In a few weeks, we open The Rimers of Eldritch, a powerful small town drama from multiple Pulitzer Prize-winner Lanford Wilson -- to be directed by special guest Jim Millan of Crow's Theatre Company. The New Year will bring back the inimitable Mimi Mekler with an all-female cast in our production of Michel Tremblay's hilarious masterpiece Les Belles Soeurs, and the season ends with the rare and outrageous Jacobean melodrama that has twice scored a hit for the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Revenger's Tragedy by Cyril Tourneur. If you were planning to join us for any of these, you can still avail yourself of all the advantages of Membership: simply turn in tonight's ticket stub at the Box Office and pay the difference. You'll get three more tickets for the price of two!

Tonight's show Six War Years is a triple first for us. Not only is it first in our season, but it's also the first time an adaptation has been created especially for Theatre Erindale. Directors Ron Cameron and Dia Frid and the cast themselves have devised this ensemble piece from Barry Broadfoot's oral history as our celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of VE Day. And to top off this special occasion, we welcome both the directors and the new third year class to the Theatre Erindale stage for the first time.

We're glad you're here. And we hope you enjoy the show!

Patrick Young

From the Co-Directors ...

Tonight's show, Six War Years, marks the first public appearance as an ensemble of third year students in the Theatre and Drama Studies program. As with past years, the TDS students' initial stage experience is a collective ensemble piece, a form of artistic expression which has deep roots in Canadian theatre.

Six War Years marks a "first" for Theatre Erindale, too, because it is the first time we have tackled the challenge of writing and adapting material for the stage, rather than staging an existing script. This process, while vastly more complex, has proven to be a very rewarding experience for all of us involved in the process. And it is the process, not the product, which serves to train the actor.

Our play is based on Barry Broadfoot's oral history of 407 interviews conducted about 30 years after the end of the second world war. The stories recount the personal impact of international events on the lives of Canadians. In this fiftieth anniversary year of the end of war in Europe, it seems an appropriate topic for our company of actors to explore.

Although we both grew up on stories of World War II which were freshly and directly connected to our family histories, we wanted to personalize the war for this company of actors who did not directly experience the shadowy legacy of world war. We wanted to put the same human face on our play which Barry Broadfoot brought to his book.

Since we began writing in the first week of July, the project has gone through many twists and changes. In rehearsals, we experimented with at least six theatrical styles, several re-writes per vignette, and discarded many ideas and scenes in the process.

We encouraged our cast to talk to their family members about the impact which the war had on their lives. Then we set about exploring and playing with the text. We learned to march, to knit, to play bridge, to fox-trot, to sing, to write, re-write, discard, experiment and assemble material. And now it has all come together in an evening of theatre.

It is important to tell these stories, from one generation to the next, if we are to learn from our experiences. Inscribed over the door of the Jewish memorial in Paris, immediately behind Notre Dame Cathedral, are the words: "We forgive, but we can never forget."

Ron Cameron and Dia Frid


Barry Broadfoot's

Six War Years

Adapted and directed by

Ron Cameron and Dia Frid

Set Design by Ron Cameron and Dia Frid

Costumes by the Company

Musical Direction by Jacqueline Leung

Lighting Design by James W. Smagata

Sound Design by Ron Cameron, Dia Frid, and Jonathan J. Van Hoffen

Stage Manager - Sarah Cudmore

Assistant Stage Manager - Terry Costa

The Cast

Jenny Brubacher
Elizabeth Dalgleish
Lori Dixon
Jennifer Forrester
Allison Hahnfeld
Lisa Jean
Alicia Land
Christopher McNally
Aurangzaib Shaikh
Philip Sullivan
Greg Thomas
Mike Unrau
Hero Van Harten
Rebecca Wood


Natasha Frid & Julian Frid

There will be one 15-minute intermission.


For Six War Years:

Head Lighting Technician and Operator: Karla Miller

Audio Operator: Jon Van Hoffen

Production Assistant: Sandra Kalnins

Slide Photography: Jim Smagata

Military Advisor: Ryan Kinghorn

Program: Margot Thomas

Poster: Mina Cicconi

Set Painters: Karla Miller, Charmaine Peters, Michelle Riviere, Jim Smagata, et al

Set and Lights Crew: Waheed Agashirin (chief), Annamieke Wade, Jennifer Alman, Paula Gonsalves, Debra Pietrantonio, Norbert Kliszczewski

Wardrobe Crew: Sarah Schwartz (chief), Andrea Ashbaugh, Kory Bertrand, Mandi Gosling, Daniel Renaud

Properties Crew: Angela MacMillan (chief), Melonie Bravetti, Thom Fairley, Kevin Robinson

Front of House Crew: Delia Cicconi (chief), Natasha Biljetina, Annika Caton, Nicola Treadgold, Mike Linton, Tanya Smith

Running Crew: Brock Young, Shannon Jardine, Laura Mulhall

For Theatre Erindale:

Producer: Nancy Copeland

Artistic Director: Patrick Young

Production Manager, Technical Director: James W. Smagata

Business Manager: Clara Stewart

Public Relations: Maryann Wells

Office Staff: Margot Thomas

For legal and/or safety reasons all cameras, recorders and

paging devices must be checked with the House Manager.

In consideration for the audience and company, latecomers

are not admitted until a suitable break in the performance.


The Cast

JENNY BRUBACHER, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Elmira, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: The Scams of Scapin - Front of House Crew Head; Lion in the Streets - Props Crew Head; Pericles, Prince of Tyre - Props Crew; The Farm Show - Front of House Crew.

For Other Companies: The Ecstasy of Rita Joe - Rita, Anne of Green Gables - Josie Pye, Genesis - Eve/Ensemble, Pollyanna - Pollyanna (Elmira Youth Players).

Ambition: To have smile lines around my eyes when I'm 86.

Favourite Saying: "Women should be tough, tender, laugh as much as possible, and live long lives." - Maya Angelou

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ELIZABETH DALGLEISH, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Wardrobe Crew Chief; Scapin - Front of House Crew; Pericles - Wardrobe Crew; The Farm Show - Props Crew.

For Other Companies: Jesus Christ Superstar - Tormentor (Playhouse '82); The Pirates of Penzance - The Good Looking Twin (Toronto Gilbert & Sullivan Society); The Boyfriend - Faye (Meadowvale Music Theatre).

Ambition: To climb Mount Everest.

Favourite Saying: It's a piece of cheese.

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LORI DIXON, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: The Farm Show - Front of House; Pericles - Props Crew; 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Set/lights Crew; The Relapse; or, Virtue in Danger - Props Crew Chief; 'Dentity Crisis - Jane (I.S.P.).

For Other Companies: A Midsummer Night's Dream - Hermia (Streetsville Secondary); Twelfth Night - Viola (Erindale Drama Club); Impromptu - Lora (Theatre Showcase Brampton).

Ambition: To "Live Juicy".

Favourite Saying: "The Buddhists say there are 149 ways to God. I'm not looking for God, only for myself, and that is far more complicated." - Jeanette Winterson

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JENNIFER FORRESTER, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Niagara Falls, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: Scapin - Props Crew Head; Lion in the Streets - Front of House Crew; Pericles - Costume Crew; The Farm Show - Props Crew.

For Other Companies: ... and Stuff - Director, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead Rosencrantz, Not Enough Rope - Mrs. Pierce (Niagara District S. S.); Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean - Sissy (then) (Firehall Theatre).

Ambition: To be happy for the rest of my life, grow another 6 inches and play Ophelia once.

Favourite Saying: Look at me! Look at me!

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ALLISON HAHNFELD, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: Scapin - Props Crew; Lion in the Streets - Front of House Head; Pericles - House Head Crew; The Farm Show - Front of House Crew.

For Other Companies: Come and See His Glory - vocalist (Musical Miricals); Genesis - Asst. Director (Holy Name of Mary Drama Club)

Ambition: To experience all I can !!!

Favourite Saying: Clean? - Sorry, I have a rehearsal!!

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LISA JEAN, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: Pericles - Front of House; 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Running Crew/Costumes; The Relapse - Crew Chief Set and Lights; Junior Projects 1995 - Stage Manager.

For Other Companies: Anne of Green Gables - Marilla, Liars - Mother, Moments of Insanity - L5246 (Erindale S. S.).

Ambition: To find Lysa.

Favourite Saying: Have you seen Lysa?

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ALICIA LAND, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: The Farm Show - Wardrobe; Pericles - Front of House and Box Office; Lion in the Streets - Props; Scapin - Wardrobe Crew Chief; 'Dentity Crisis - Woman.

For Other Companies: Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her - Jennifer (Caprius Dinner Theatre); Night of January 16th - Nancy Lee Faulkner (Erindale Drama Club); A Mad Breakfast - Mrs. Simpkins (Mississauga Youth Theatre); The Proposal - Natalyia Stepanova (Cawthra Park S. S.); Various Sears Festival plays and showcases - playwright, actor.

Ambition: To play Lady Macbeth at Stratford.

Favourite Saying: I worked my butt off for this!

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CHRISTOPHER McNALLY, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Brampton, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: The Farm Show - Front of House; Pericles - Props; 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Props Crew Chief; The Relapse - Front of House; Sparks in the Park - various roles.

For Other Companies: Of Mice and Men - George, Godspell - Jeffrey, Brighton Beach Memoirs - Eugene Morris Jerome, Best Christmas Pageant Ever - Charlie (St. Augustine S.S.).

Ambition: To get my own star on the walk of fame.

Favourite Saying: Yeah! Like I have the time for that!

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AURANGZAIB SHAIKH, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Mississauga, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: The Farm Show - Publicity Crew; Pericles - Props Crew; 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Set & Lights Crew Chief; The Relapse - Front of House Crew; 'Dentity Crisis - Director.

For Other Companies: Night of January 16th - Defense Attorney Stevens (Erindale Drama Club); Impromptu - Tony (Theatre Showcase Brampton); A Midsummer Night's Dream - Lysander , Importance of Being Earnest - Algernon (Streetsville S. S.).

Ambition: To totally marry Rebecca and live happily ever after !!?

Favourite Saying: This one's for Sam - but ... Totally egg salad!!

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PHILIP SULLIVAN, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Brampton, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: The Farm Show - Front of House; Pericles - Wardrobe; 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Front of House; The Relapse - Wardrobe Crew Chief.

For Other Companies: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Billy (Notre Dame Players); Rumors - Ken Gorman (Theatre Showcase Brampton); Impromptu - Director (Theatre Showcase Brampton, Showcase '94); Le Théâtre de la Maintenance - Bergeron (Le Nouveau Théâtre D'Occasion). Winner: Premier Festival de Théâtre communautaire Franco Ontarien.

Ambition: To reach the light at the end of the tunnel, and get a beach house there.

Favourite Saying: "Oh, we're Fubared now." - Kurt Russell, Tango and Cash

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GREG THOMAS, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Nipawin, Saskatchewan

For Theatre Erindale: Pericles - Set and Light Crew; The Farm Show - Props Crew; 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Front of House Crew Chief; The Relapse - Wardrobe Crew; 'Dentity Crisis - Mr. Summers.

For Other Companies: This Old Shoe - various roles (Sask. Drama Associates); Insanity of Mary Girard - Fury, The Legacy - William, The Keep - various roles (L.P. Comprehensive H. S.).

Ambition: To start a band and sing.

Favourite Saying: Wanna start a band? I'll sing!

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MIKE UNRAU, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Simcoe, Ontario

For Other Companies: Prairie Church of Buster Galloway - Mac ; 4 a.m. (Open All Night) - Old man, Director (U. Of Lethbridge); Give Yourself Over to Rocky Horror - Brad, Our Town - Doc. Gibbs, Snow Dreams - Wayne Gretzky, various (Simcoe Players); Just the Tree of Us - Hunzel, writer (Environmental Interpretive Theatre, Alberta); Clown (Circus Carnevalé, Australia).

Ambition: To see everyone, to live everywhere, to be everything.

Favourite Saying: "Girlfriend? You're hilarious!"

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HERO V. Van HARTEN, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Burlington, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: The Relapse - Wardrobe/Set & Lights/Front of House Crew; Lion in the Streets - Wardrobe Crew Chief; Pericles - Set and Lights Crew; The Farm Show - Wardrobe Crew.

For Other Companies: The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds - Beatrice (Lord Elgin Players); Cabaret - Mausie, Kit Kat Girl.

Ambition: A fire, some music and stars left to count.

Favourite Saying: "If I knew the way, I would take you home." - Grateful Dead

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REBECCA WOOD, 3rd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

Home Town: Etobicoke, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Props Running Crew; The Relapse - Front of House Crew Chief.

For Other Companies: An Inspector Calls - Sheila (Theatre Etobicoke); Annie Get Your Gun - Minnie, South Pacific - Chorus (Etobicoke Musical Productions).

Ambition: To totally marry Zaib and live happily ever after!!?

Favourite Saying: That's so cheese!!

The Crew

SARAH CUDMORE - Stage Manager, 2nd Yr. Sheridan Technical Production

Home Town: Kincardine, Ontario

For Theatre Erindale: Scapin - Production Assistant.

For Theatre Sheridan: Runway Revolution - Master Electrician; Philadelphia Story - Lighting Board Operator; Cabaret - Production Assistant/Audio Technician; The Club - Production Assistant.

For Other Companies: The Sound of Music - Assistant Stage Manager, Dance Shows - Freelance technician (Sacred Heart H. S.).

Ambition: To venture forth in the great theatrical areas.

Favourite Saying: Beauty in things exists in the mind that contemplates it.


TERRY COSTA - Assistant Stage Manager, 2nd Yr. Theatre and Drama Studies

For Theatre Erindale: Scapin - Front of House/publicity; Lion in the Streets - wardrobe; Sparks in the Park - Stage Manager; 'Dentity Crisis - sound operator.

For Other Companies: The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cats - Production Coordination/ Stage Manager (Burlington Performing Arts Camp); Gargoyle - costumes (STAR Players - Oakville Theatrefest); running crew for various shows at Student Theatre and Arts Loyola Live.

Ambition: To be part of an experimental theatre company, and eventually build my own theatre company.

Favourite Saying: Holy doodle! R U all ready 4 this? Yeehhh! Just for ALL!

KARLA MILLER - Electrician/Lighting operator, 2nd Yr. Sheridan Technical Production

Home Town: Bathurst, New Brunswick

For Theatre Erindale: 1837: The Farmer's Revolt - Assistant Stage Manager.

For Theatre Sheridan: The Philadelphia Story - Electrician/Scenic Painter; A Midsummer Night's Dream - Electrician/Scenic Painter; Cabaret - Seamstress/Dresser; The Club - Seamstress/Dresser.

For Other Companies: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Head Electrician, There Goes the Bride - Head Electrician, The Blue Castle - Head Electrician (Oakville Summer Theatre).

Favourite Saying: Are you on glue?

JONATHAN J. VAN HOFFEN - Audio Designer , 2nd Yr. Sheridan Technical Production

Home Town: Grimsby, Ontario

For Theatre Sheridan: Philadelphia Story - Audio Board Operator; Cabaret - Electrician; The World Goes Round - Carpenter

For Other Companies: The Summer Show, The Highschool that Dripped Gooseflesh - Technical Coordinator (Niagara Falls Summer Players).

Ambition: To be a lighting/sound designer for a large Canadian company.

SANDRA DAINA KALNINS - Production Assistant, 1st Yr. Sheridan Technical Production, B.A. in Drama Studies, Glendon College, York University, 1995

For Glendon College: Christmas at the Ivanov's - Lighting Designer; Seed - Costume Designer; Lysistrata - Mask and set crew.

For Other Companies: Summerworks production of Radio Man - Assistant Stage Manager (Radio Man Play Company).

Direction and Design

RON CAMERON, Co-director

Ron has taught acting for 20 years at Sheridan College, where he was awarded the 1993 President's Award of Excellence. His directorial credits include Meet Me in St. Louis, Black Comedy, The Fantasticks, Oklahoma!, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and A Chorus Line.

Over 24 years, he has adjudicated more than 100 festivals involving 1,400 plays for the Sears Ontario Drama Festival and community theatre Festivals in Ontario and the USA. Most recently, he judged the 1995 American Theatre finals in Midland, Texas.

A writer and associate editor with Simon and Pierre Publishers,his textbook on acting technique, Acting Skills for Life, is in its second printing. He also has two scene study books in print.

Mr. Cameron originally studied history at the University of Western Ontario, then went on to train in theatre at the Banff Centre in Alberta, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London (England) and the University of London.

DIA FRID, Co-director

Dia received her training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London (England) and at the Academy of Theatre Arts in Toronto. She works primarily as a drama coach and director, but enjoys acting and writing as well. Ron Cameron has been a mentor of hers for some years now, and she is delighted to have this opportunity to work with him. She hopes it will not be her last.

JAMES W. SMAGATA, Production Manager inter alia

This is Jim's third season with Theatre Erindale. His latest credit is Directing/Producing and performing in the Drama Club of Erindale's production of Pump Boys and Dinettes. In the past he has worked at Centrepointe Theatre in Nepean, Ontario, where he had the honour of working with the likes of Christopher Plummer and Sir Peter Ustinov; and Grande Prairie Regional College where he was Theatre Technical Director and worked with many other artists such as Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLachlin, Moe Kauffman and Dizzy Gillespie; The Royal Winnipeg Ballet (not as a dancer), and many, many others. He has settled down now and thoroughly enjoys working with the talented and dedicated folk here at Erindale. He thanks his wife and kids for remembering who he is when he comes home late at night and not beating him over the head and neck with a baseball bat.

Favourite Saying: "That guy's like a screen door on a submarine."