The Seagull
Production photos by Jim Smagata

Konstantin dreams with his Uncle Sorin
(L-R Nathaniel Kinghan, Isaac Giles)

Dr. Dorn flirts with Shamraev’s wife Polina
(Cameron Grant and Colette Fitzgerald)

Arkadina cannot resist a stage
(Kyra Weichert)

Waiting for the play to begin
(L-R Stuart Hefford, Kyra Weichert, Colette Fitzgerald)

Arkadina with her fans Trigorin and Dorn
(L-R Stuart Hefford, Kyra Weichert, Cameron Grant)

Arkadina throws a tantrum (and pillows!)
(L-R Colette Fitzgerald, Cameron Grant, Tatiana Haas, Nathaneil Voll, Kyra Weichert)

Konstantin presents Nina with the seagull he shot
(Isaac Giles and Tatiana Haas)

Mother and son
(Kyra Weichert and Isaac Giles)

Arkadina and Trigorin
(Stuart Hefford and Kyra Weichert)

Arkadina and Trigorin
(Stuart Hefford and Kyra Weichert)

Masha and her schoolmaster husband
(Sarah Kern and Nathaneil Voll)

The ailing Sorin with Dr. Dorn
(Nathaniel Kinghan and Cameron Grant)
A surprise visit from Nina
(Tatiana Haas and  Isaac Giles)