Blackfriars Project Production Photos

Captured by pirates, Egeon (Zane O’Connor) tells his tale.

Antipholus of Syracuse (John Wamsley) coaches his servant Dromio (Gregory Guzik).


Antipholus and Dromio hold off the demands of a strange Courtesan (L-R Gregory Guzik, John Wamsley, Avery Logan)

Antipholus meets a new love (John Wamsley and Sarah Hime).

Sisters Emilia and Adriana (Sarah Hime and Rachel VanDuzer, right).

Antipholus of Ephesus (Johnathan Muench, right) has a run-in with Dr. Pinch (Gabriel Golin)

Shipwrecked, Pericles discovers that his armour has washed ashore (Brett Houghton, left, and Victoria Dennis)

Pericles wins the following tournament (Brett Houghton – photo by David Matheson)


Pericles is attacked during the tournament that follows (L-R Jack Comerford, Brett Houghton, Spencer Bennet)

The Princess Thaisa (Alma Sarai).

Pericles and Thaisa dance (Alma Sarai, left, and Brett Houghton)

Following another shipwreck, a strange chest washes ashore in Ephesus, where it is opened by Lady Cerimon (L-R Spencer Bennet, Caleb Harwood, Emily Thorne, Victoria Dennis, Hershel Blatt, Jack Comerford).