How To Make Love in a Canoe

production Photos by Jim Smagata

Canoe flys!

The canoe in its first -rehearsal- flight. (L-R: Shaquille Pottinger, Katherine H. McDonald, Bryn Kennedy, Thinh Nguyen)


‘Adam Giambrone’ breaks down on a Jerry Springer-style show featuring sex scandals (L-R: Avery Logan, Marissa Otto, Think Nguyen, Lauren Wolanski)

The company- seen in rhehearsal- ends Act I with a joyful Pride dance. (Rachel VanDuzer and Zane O’Connor boogey left with Shaquille Pottinger centre and Spencer Bennet on bass)

‘Shania Twain’ and her back-ups pitch in on the Walk of Fame (L- R:  Avery Logan, Alma Sarai, Marissa Otto, Sarah Hime, Spencer Bennet)


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