by Jim Smagata

Days after murdering their mother, Orestes – plagued with depression and nightmares – is cared for by his sister-accomplice, Elektra. (Kyra Weichert and Nathaniel Kinghan)

The infamous Helen arrives by sea (L to R – Larissa Crawley, Kira Meyers-Guiden, Dominique Corsino)


Helen commissions daughter Hermione to tend her sister’s grave (Larissa Crawley, left, and Rachelle Goebel)


Elektra tries to keep the Furies away from Orestes (Kyra Weichert with Nathaniel  Kinghan and Company)


The Furies attack Orestes in nightmare (Nathaniel Kinghan and Company)


Orestes awakes and fights back (Nathaniel Kinghan with – L to R – Sarah Kern, Marryl Smith, Kira Meyers-Guiden)


Orestes tries to get Helen's husband, returning general Menelaos, on side (Isaac Giles, left, and Nathaniel Kinghan)


Orestes and best friend-accomplice Pylades prepare for their sentencing hearing (Connor Dutchak, left, and Nathaniel Kinghan)


A Messenger gives Elektra the bad news (Kyra Weichert, left, and Tatiana Haas)

Elektra voices her frustration to the Chorus (Kyra Weichert and Company)


In desperation, Orestes kidnaps Hermione (Rachelle Goebel and Nathaniel Kinghan, with Nathaniel Voll above)


The god Apollo appears to all with a surprise ending (Nathaniel Voll and Company)