The Taming of the Tamer

Production Photos

The show opens with the wedding of Petruchio and Kate's cousin Maria (Nathan Bitton, Devon Healey and company).

Maria (Devon Healey) devotes herself to teaching Petruchio a lesson with cousin Bianca (Tamara Zdravkovic) and sister Livia (Sophia Fabiilli) as witnesses.

Maria and Petruchio are reconciled - but not until Petruchio has attempted to fake his own death (Devon Healey and Nathan Bitton. Background L to R: Ray-Alan Cameron, Keegan O'Connor, Ramon Vitug, Phil Stonhouse, Michael Twyman)

Servants Jaques and Pedro (Keegan O-Connor and Ramon Vitug) complain about their new mistress Maria

Maria (Devon Healey) pretends extravagance to upset her husband (with Rachelle Magil, Jocelyn Perry, Andrew Soutter)

Best buddy Sophocles (Andrew Tribe) listens to Petruchio's (Nathan Bitton's) ongoing troubles with Maria

Petruchio and the men read the demands of the women, who are fortified above (Tamer company)

To support Maria, "the country forces have arrived!" (Andrew Soutter, Jocelyn Perry, Phil Stonhouse as wenches)

Petruchio tries to talk his way out of quarantine (Nathan Bitton, Jocelyn Perry, Phil Stonhouse)

Father Petronius (Ray-Alan Cameron) signs daughter Livia (Sophia Fabiilli) away to rich old Moroso (Michael Twyman) as Bianca (Tamara Zdravkovic) supervises and Tranio (Mark Johnston) comforts Livia's distraught lover (Kevin Owen)